DeepZoom - v3.14.84

2 minute read


Finally completed the scripting documentation.

New scripting features:

New document features:

  • Image links can now be added to a document. This is useful for webcams: Seattle ferry dock
  • Added a button to remove formatting.
  • Ensure all images are loaded before allowing save.

Other new featues

  • Allow changing the departure time for all routes simultaneously in the departure time dialog.
  • Always show the timebase duration above the time readout.
  • Added UTC to the timezone list.

Editing Route and Marker properties

You can now change a route name, departure date, departure time, speed, and color right from the route edit dialog.

For example, to change the speed, click on the speed readout and then drag the slider.

Close the routes/markers dialog to exit edit mode.

Tip! To quickly toggle between routes and markers click the “routes” or “markers” label in the upper left corner of the dialog.

Update all NOAA charts

Updated all NOAA charts to the 2024.05.28 NOAA release. Charts were publilshed to DeepZoom on 2024.06.11.