Embed DeepZoom - v2.8

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Embedding DeepZoom in your own website

DeepZoom can be embedded in your own website via an iframe. You can specify a particular trip or page to be loaded via the Url passed in the src parameter. Here are some typical examples

The code:

<iframe id="theIframe"
    title="Inline Frame Example"
    style="min-width: 375px; height: 80vh;"

Notice that these are fully functional instances of DeepZoom, not just a movie playing. A few features are disabled by browser security when running in an iFrame such as all geolocation APIs.

Load a trip

This is the most flexible means of specifying the location, zoom, layers, tab displayed, and virtually all of the settings in DeepZoom. You can optionally customize the user experience by adding a script to the trip.


Load a marker

If you want to always zoom to a particular public or private marker use marker/{markerID} as in:


Or you could have more elaborate scenarios with buttons to load different markers or trips:

<script >
    let changeSrc = function (src) {
        let iFrame = document.getElementById("theIframe");
        iFrame.src = src;

  onclick="changeSrc('https:\/\/www.deepzoom.com/marker/a61cae5ca877eb87218b82fbdaebe599')" > 
  Jump to marker ID: a61cae5ca877eb87218b82fbdaebe599 

Hoboken to Carnegie Hall

Hey, how do you get from Hoboken to Carnegie Hall?